Vicki Sawyer’s college art classes, graphics, doll making and years of painting murals are like puzzle pieces. Those pieces are delightfully fitting together now as she focuses on painting in acrylics and oils.

In her childhood, several people influenced her love for nature. On her many walks, Vicki’s storytelling grandfather would fascinate her with the names of plants and their purposes. Her mom’s childlike delight in even the simplest things taught her to be visually aware. Her dad gave her the love for birds.

Most of the murals she has painted feature birds, insects, animals, grasses, and wildflowers. Painting murals gave her an opportunity to display the things she learned to love as a child. On a walk a few years ago, it occurred to her that if birds could build nests, then they could make hats. This thought has been the inspiration for many bird and animal portraits.

With each painting her goal is to evoke feelings of peace, joy, and often humor. If she can positively impact someone with her art, then she has reached her ultimate goal – to serve.


The Chickadee Sisters Cocktail Napkins by Vicki Sawyer


A Few Good Friends Cocktail Napkins by Vicki Sawyer


Sully’s Party Wood Lacquer Vanity Tray by Vicki Sawyer


Party Snacks Cocktail Napkins by Vicki Sawyer


Party Friends Cocktail Napkins by Vicki Sawyer


Goldfinch Couple Cocktail Napkins by Vicki Sawyer


Harvest Party Cocktail Napkins by Vicki Sawyer