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“Millennial Pink”

“Millennial Pink”

What is pink? It is the color of love, affection and approachabilitynot intimidating. Blush. Nothing sounds softer than… blush. Pink was first used as a “color name” in the late 17th century. We associate pink with sensitivity and romantic charm. Personally, I agree with this summary. Why “Millennial” pink? A Millennial is someone who was born between 1981 and 1986 putting them at 22 to 37 years old. Typically the age group that sets “trends.”  4 minute read
on August 19, 2019


Amy is a Nashville based small business owner with a 30 year history of decorating in the city she loves. Amy delights in working one-on-one with clients and customers. She designs, cuts and locally manufacturers her own line of designer (yet affordable) pillows. Amy and her husband, John have recently renovated a 1982 traditional French inspired home in the Belle Meade area of Nashville. Amy’s son, Montgomery is at home for summer and holiday breaks during college, but his cat Oscar resides with Amy and John full time.