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Organization: Beautiful & Simple

Organization: Beautiful & Simple

My kitchen being organized is of great importance to me since I love to cook and entertain. I designed this kitchen almost two years ago and there’s not one thing I would change. Not everyone starts fresh with a kitchen renovation, but simply choosing where you put things in your cabinets makes a difference. 2 minute read
on January 05, 2020


Amy is a Nashville based small business owner who has worked in the design world for over two decades with an emphasis on interiors, entertaining and has a passion for table settings and flowers. Amy delights in connecting with her customers through Instagram and her shop located inside Gas Lamp Too Antiques & Decorating Mall in Nashville. She designs, cuts and locally manufactures her own line of designer (yet affordable) pillows along with her new Paper Line that has kicked off with The Nashville Paper Collection. Amy and her husband John have recently renovated a 1982 traditional French inspired home in the Belle Meade area of Nashville. Amy’s son, Montgomery, is at home for summer and holiday breaks during college, but his cat Oscar resides with Amy and John full time. Oscar has a new companion by the name of Hugo. Hugo is a registered Alaskan Klee Kai. Most of the time, Oscar is not amused...