Organization: Beautiful & Simple

by Amy Montgomery on January 05, 2020

My kitchen being organized is of great importance to me since I love to cook and entertain. When I am making a grocery list or menu, I head straight to the spice drawer and with one look I know what I have and what I don’t. Rubbermaid drawer grippers work perfectly to keep the small jars in place.

I designed this kitchen almost two years ago and there’s not one thing I would change. Not everyone starts fresh with a kitchen renovation, but simply choosing where you put things in your cabinets makes a difference. We installed deep drawers instead of lower cabinets. They are quite efficient but roll out racks in lower cabinets work similarly. Notice that when I unload the dishwasher I can stand in one position and place the flatware and everyday dishes right back in the drawer without moving. In a 21 foot long galley kitchen, that makes a big difference.

I like to keep things corralled. You know, organized chaos. So, I keep my hand soap, my catchall dish and my ring-keeper next to the sink corralled on this pretty marble cheese board. It also prevents soaps stains from marring the honed marble (that is an entire blog post right there). My most used item I think is my vintage dough bowl. It holds a food scale for measuring, my two most used cookbooks, my bible study workbook and my spiral notebook with grocery lists, meal plans and to-do lists. It keeps my countertops all neat and tidy.

Keeping things of like kind all in one place works well for me. Our everyday plates are white and when entertaining casually I usually use all white. So, there is one drawer in the kitchen dedicated to all white serving dishes and containers. Not brain surgery… it just makes sense.

We hope you’ve found this post on Home to be helpful, inspirational or at least entertaining. If you need some ideas that go beyond what you and I are talking about, give a look-see at my friend Kate’s website and give her a “shout-out” and she can give you a “shape-up”! Kate is a PRO!