2019 Spring and Summer Flowers In Review

by Amy Montgomery on January 23, 2020

Spring and Summer 2019 was bursting with beautiful foliage in our yard with an entire years growth on all our plantings from our new landscape design after our home renovation. Hosta leaves, ivy of several varieties, mint, herbs and an abundance of hydrangea blooms filled our yard and then filled my fresh cut arrangements!

It’s so nice to have fresh items from our yard to fill in with those fabulous bouquets I pick up at my favorite grocery stores. I love to make floral arrangements for the weekends and to give them as gifts. I’m including several of the sunny, beautiful happy arrangements from Spring and Summer 2019 (along with some plant photos from our yard).

Remember, no need to head to the wholesalers for fresh flowers! There is always a plentiful supply at your neighborhood grocery. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market are my favorites, but Kroger and Publix have lots of beautiful bouquets, too. Enjoy!